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Tim Coppens Pre-Fall ’17, Delivery 1 at Kith Creates a Question

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Tim Coppens a brand that blends the present and future of craftsmanship and tailoring into their pieces releases their initial delivery of the Pre-Fall ’17 capsule. Garments include hoodies, motocro

Source: Tim Coppens Pre-Fall ’17, Delivery 1

Kith remains the gold standard of fashion for the streetwear acolytes. The store does one of the best jobs of marketing and content creation that I’ve seen. They recently dropped the profile of an upcoming Tim Coppens collection. If you have visited this site then you know that Tim Coppens is the man behind the design of UAS (Under Armour Sports). This is not a shot fired at Coppens, but the question that arrives as soon as I see his collection is where is UAS?

Understand that it isn’t my goal here to diminish the work of Coppens or act as if designers can’t multitask. Coppens is an artist and he was hired to create. After two collections for UAS, I have never seen any of the items up close and personal.

I understand the fashion element and that UAS is probably only available via the site or in New York, but there is an obvious disconnect as Under Armour is fighting for any drop of “cool” it can find. Seeing this just reminds me of this article I wrote in December 2016:

The Slow Integration of UAS Bothers Me

Under Armour has to get a lot more active in the promotion of these products or sales will continue to slide.

Use the source link to check out the Coppens Collection at Kith.