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Under Armour Arris Bra & UA Arris Leggings are Made In The USA

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Explore the Under Armour Arris Project, imagined & crafted at UA Lighthouse in Baltimore. Shop the UA Arris sports bra & UA Arris leggings in our women’s department.

Source: UA Arris Bra & UA Arris Leggings | US

Under Armour has taken the first step in seeing just how prepared the US is in putting their dollars where their current position on Making America Great lies.

I have to admire UA for moving forward with the Lighthouse project and crafting this limited release here in the US, but at a time where luxury brands are struggling, retail is in decline, and they are strategizing a deal with Kohls, it may be poor timing in creating 120 dollar leggings.

The thing is, this is where the US is headed in apparel and footwear pricing due to the policies being initiated by the new administration. People have long stated that Made in the USA is important, but it has never successfully translated into support on a commercial level.

Under Armour understands this and they have limited the Arris Project to 2000 pieces. This is a niche project and will be used to gauge interest in this pricing structure. The Sports Bra is 50.00. Victoria’s Secret makes a 35.00 dollar Sports Bra that is currently disrupting the industry. Will people drop an extra 15?

There are a number of Sports Bras that sell in the 60 dollar price range so the Arris Bra is not that poorly priced. I don’t think there will be any coverage on the sale of the bras so we will probably never know. This is a solid move by the brand in my opinion. The Lighthouse is a strong concept and will allow for speed to market if this campaign works well. More pics below. Use the Source Link to visit the shop.