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Under Armour Has a Mother’s Day Collection and It’s Dope

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Source: UA Mother’s Day Collection

When I think sportswear, I don’t think mom. I mean I realize that women are super athletic… hell the greatest athlete of all time is a woman in my opinion and she’s about to become a mom. When I think Mother’s Day I envision hearts, flowers, dinner, but I don’t think sportswear and footwear.

 Under Armour is changing that, but they aren’t doing in a very high profile way and I think that’s a mistake. This is a campaign that is beyond on trend, it’s perfect!

If there was a great commercial with an appropriate spend through YouTube, an IG campaign built on the photography and some catchy slogans, “Not Your Tradtional Mother’s Day” or “My Mom Outworks Your Mom” or “5K for Mother’s Day? Yup” and I can see husbands, brothers, children actually clicking the source link and picking up one of the coolest totes I’ve seen on the market.

Right now however there aren’t any catchy slogans, and the homepage on the website is completely devoid of any marketing opportunities. There is simply the words Dedicated to The Most Dedicated… This would have been an excellent time to relaunch the #impretty campaign.

#Impretty | Under Armour Concept Is Beautiful But…


There will come a point when an awesome Under Armour campaign will be connected to incredible product and the brand will shift gears and regain the momentum they lost in 2016. I see it happening, I really do.

Use the source link to view more of the items, or use this link to grab totes at a discount (Over 300 items listed).