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Want A Job in the Sports Industry? Check Out MSBA

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Want to break into the sports industry? Manhattan Sports Business Academy (MSBA) has taken a unique approach to identify, prepare and connect the next generation of sports business leaders. (MSBA students in Rio)

Source: MSBA Launches Newcomers Into Sports Industry Through Innovative Career Development Platform

This post on the MSBA is obviously an advertisement for the business, but after being in the sports arena for over 20 years as a player and coach, I know how important it is to have mentorship and connections when you are attempting to break into the various ranks available in the world of sports.

The MSBA platform is a model that could be implemented wherever there are professional sports teams, or sports programs that generate a lot of media and interest.

Use the Source Link to read about the program. Right now it’s only in Manhattan but I have to imagine the program will begin to expand into the major cities soon. They are currently accepting applications.

via Jason Belzer on Twitter