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What I’m Doing Right Now Episode 30 From Sneaker Design to Production – YouTube

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From Simpaul through Facebook:

If I have an original design(s) for a sneaker shoe, what do you suggest in regards to making that happen. I’ve been looking at China through Alibaba. Any suggestions? 1:38

Look up Dallas Stokes on Facebook/Twitter/Linked In

  1. You can possibly submit your design to a company. 3:44
  2. Don’t start writing people about production right away. 5:03
  3. You need enough money to create samples. 5:43
  4. You need a thought out plan for distribution and you need deep pockets. 7:17
  5. You need about 20,000 before you even consider launching a shoe company… and that’s really at the very low end. 9:00
  6. You can decrease your cost by using existing molds and lasts. 9:38
  7. Before you start making a shoe you need a name/trademark and that can cost at the minimum 750.00 bucks. 10:09
  8. I should have said this first. The most important thing you need is a reason for creating your kicks/company. 10:39
  9. Questions to ask yourself: 11:03
  • Have you ever sold shoes before?
  • Do you understand your market and the trends?
  • Do you have a reason for making what is probably already available?
  • Are you financially able to go into production after making a sample?
  1. More Questions: 11:43
  • Have you studied the market?
  • Do you know where you can make your shoes?
  • Are you prepared to travel to the place you make the shoes to do QA?