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Why Doesn’t the Chris Paul Line Move? Celebrating a Decade of Dedication with CP3

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The 10th iteration of the Jordan CP3 line, the CP3.X, is available now on and at select Jordan retail stores.

Source: Nike News – Celebrating a Decade of Dedication with CP3

Nike is doing right by Chris Paul by dropping a celebration of its decade long sponsorship of CP3. In sneakerhead circles though, the CP3 is a failure. Performance-wise it has consistently been one of the best hoops shoes released, but it is often maligned, dissed and overlooked. The question is why? What is it about the CP3 Jordan line that doesn’t seem to inspire any brand loyalty or hype? It happens with any Jordan Brand shoe. I’ve even discussed how the Nike/Jordan Brands push to have accounts take on CP3 and Melo Jordans in order for them to get more popular Retro releases has literally forced mom and pop shops to shut it down. Why is it that a guy who has been considered one of the best PGs in the game, has a shoe that is dogged in the US? Now that I have your attention, let’s flip the script, everything you thought about the CP3 line is dead wrong. Sneakerheads may not like the kick, but there is a reason Jordan Brand is still making CP3 shoes. They actually do sell, maybe not as much as the big endorsers, but they hit their numbers.

Perception is not reality: The idea that CP3 does not sell is just that, an idea. Last year Chris Paul sold 32 Million dollars in shoes. Chris Paul ranked 4th in signature shoe sales for players in the NBA in 2014. This is what the sneaker community must understand, you don’t make up that much of the market.

46d339a6ee40fa1b47da0e695bd70effAlthough the shoe sells it’s not coveted: CP3 sells shoes. I remember when the CP3 Tribute shoe came out? My online shop moved so many pairs that I basically visited the Nike Clearance Store to grab as many as I could. That was a long time ago, but even today when I have access to the shoe they move. It’s not my first option for flipping, but when it comes to Jordan Brand the CP3 is actually the star of the brand with Melo bringing up the rear. Now I guess you could say that the shoe was on clearance, but Nike has particular shoes that they carry in Factory and Clearance stores that are not carried by the retail shops. This is a part of their DTC strategy that began as they rolled out Nike Stores.

Sneakerheads Only Want Retros: BUTTTTTTTT among kids and ball players, even with team shoes, the CP3 gets a lot of run and does very well. Retros make up a fraction of the multibillion dollar shoe market.

Enough of that, let’s celebrate CP3s 10th sneaker. You may not be running out to get it, but somewhere on a court someone will be rocking the CP3 10.

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