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WWYWT? Taking it to the streets

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After the last week of Kinect Your Shape and Free weights, I decided today to take it back to the streets for a nice jog especially since the temperature hadn’t reached 85 in the morning for a change. Varying the workout to include weights is important. Your body has to build strength in order to heel after difficult workouts and long work weeks. Since my business involved a lot of shipping, receiving and walking carrying sneakers, it’s important that I take to time to build muscle. In all truth weight training makes a better runner. Obviously running makes a better runner, but when those muscles are stronger those hills aren’t as difficult. My suggestion, buy yourself a couple of 12 to 15 lb weights and begin to implement Sumo squats and lunges for the legs and curls, over head press, tricept extensions and shoulder raises to your workout and you will see the difference.

Temperature: 75 degrees. I was actually postponing a lot of my running routine because the heat was stifling; but today is a great day to get out there and jog.

Terrain: Street, sidewalk and grass and rocks. Not bad today at all. A lot of hills as always with the streets but today there was only one dumb ass driver who was speeding through the suburbs. Needless to say I gave him the death stare, although I wasn’t wearing my glasses so it probably just looked like I was cross eyed.

Distance: According to Google Maps it was 2.3 miles.

Time: 9.54 – 10:20 or 26 minutes. I’m not world class here, but for a big guy that is actually pretty good. When you get to 225+ lbs running 9 minute miles is … okay. It’s not great, but it’s okay.

Soundtrack: Janelle Monae on Pandora. Today was not such a great day for that station. They put a little too much of the British invasion into my day. Adele, Corrine Baily Rae, smh, not very good to run to, but hey I just rolled with it. I only need the music to kind of occupy my mind while running.

What was your workout today? Leave comments in the bottom if you want.

Stay motivated.

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