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Under Armour Basketball: UA Association Basketball Championship | We R 1 vs Team Charlotte

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I’ve written a ton of angry posts about how lackluster Under Armour has been at marketing and creating interest in their brand.  Today, my opinion changed. I was browsing Facebook and a Live Stream of the Under Armour Basketball Championship, high school summer basketball, was playing on Facebook. The stream was smooth, nice job Facebook. The commentating is on point and the engagement on the video is excellent. Could UA really do this better? Definitely and there are multiple opportunities for cross promotion that wouldn’t be professionalizing the high school athlete.

The link should be pinned to the top of the UA Basketball page on Twitter.

The header picture should represent the two teams competing in the championship on Twitter as well as Facebook.

A small budget of 100-200 should be running during the Live Stream on Facebook to promote the game.

A giveaway of the Curry 3 should be taking place for the best comment on the Live Stream.

A flash sale of UA Basketball gear should be made available during the Live Stream with free shipping.

Player/Faces in the crowd interviews should have been taking place during the Halftime. This is hard to pull off.

The homepage of the UA site should be given over to this event. While there aren’t many people watching and engaging, the person hosting the live stream should be actively talking with everyone. (This is actually happening.)

I’m excited for this and I hope this is step towards real work taking place with the branding and marketing of UA. Watch the video below of the championship game.