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ASICS RoadHawk FF™ | Hit or Miss?

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Most people wouldn’t expect to wear their favorite shirt or best pair of jeans when they’re out for a jog. Just as they probably wouldn’t turn up for an evening out with friends in their running kit. But when it comes to footwear, combining sports life and everyday life just became easier, and more affordable than ever.

ASICS has been busier than ever. They have slowly become one of my favorite brands to watch from their commercial, mainstream drops to their collabs, it seems that the team over at the Sound Mind in a Sound Body corp are finally beginning to understand the movement it takes to maintain momentum and build in a world where adidas has opened the door. The question is are they swinging and hitting with some of these drops?

The RoadHawk FF comes in at 100 dollars. A bargain for a lightweight runner in today’s market of 190 dollar Vapor and Boost. This shoe however isn’t competing with the specialized running market (which ASICS certainly has comparably priced footwear). The RoadHawk is aspiring to enter the space where the mid market runner that is worn to workout and to baseball games exists.

Gerard Klein, Senior General Manager, Global Performance Running Footwear Division, ASICS Corporation says: “Hear the word ASICS and most people probably think of high quality running shoes. But we also understand that not every person chooses a trainer just for sport. That’s why ASICS RoadHawk FF are designed to feel fast, responsive and comfortable on a run AND be stylish enough to wear during everyday life. We’re excited to introduce a shoe that proves that speed and style do mix.”

The shoe does have a more streamlined approach than the more technical offerings and the branding is minimal and colorblocked to blend in. The use of FlyteFoam is smart and provides the comfort that everyone is looking for in today’s market. The question is at 100 are the looks right to make this a hit?

Yes. The shoe has a bit more performance than a Roshe and is priced competitively with a lower priced BOOST product. While the heel counter reminds me of the Nike Air Max 2009 it does add a nice contrast to the monotone darker hues. It’s a nice addition to the product line.