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Business Talk: Taylor Stitch | The Dopest Concept in Fashion and Design

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Men’s and Women’s shirting, outerwear, denim, and basics constructed responsibly from the finest materials. New collections released every week for pre-sale.

Source: Taylor Stitch | Classic Men’s and Women’s Apparel Inspired and Designed in California

Taylor Stitch is a private company so there isn’t any way to know if the product is doing well, but they may have created the perfect company. But I took the time to do a count and it seems that 54 of their designs have hit their goals and are in production.

I’ve always questioned why no one has considered doing their own form of Kickstarter/Indiegogo on their own platform. I’ve also written about the process of the Pre-Sale in my book “F–k Speeches & Inspiration” but I hadn’t seen a company really take on the concept to this level and to see it is inspiring as hell.

Taylor Stitch is literally building a grow on demand segment in fashion and this is a model that almost every person who has their own platform (NOTE I SAID ‘THEIR OWN PLATFORM’) should definitely consider for their next project. Use the source link to read more and discover the brand. Here is the gist of their concept:

We design a new collection of products and release them in the Workshop for crowd funding on Wednesdays (Women’s) and Thursdays (Men’s). A product is available for crowd funding for a two week period, during which you can place an order for a given product at a discounted price before it enters production. Products that reach their funding goal are manufactured and delivered!

Extremely dope and inspiring!