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Designed by Greatness for Greatness | A Q&A With Tinker on the Air Jordan 3 | Marketing

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Jordan Collectors ask Nike designer Tinker Hatfield everything they’ve ever wanted to know about the Air Jordan 3.

Source: Designed by Greatness for Greatness

Nike acts like it’s a small company. What do I mean by that? Nike spends the majority of its time trying to drive traffic to its platform. By that definition Nike isn’t acting small, it’s acting smart. At a time when the entire industry is focused on building the social media aspects of reaching the customer, Nike is spending an equal amount of time investing in the infrastructure that attracts a customer to its online platforms and they work equally as hard at keeping the customer there. I’ve said this over and over, the company that figures out how to keep the consumer where they can convert them is the company that will win.

Right now Nike is the only footwear company that has a greater level of investment in and the subsites associated with it as they do in IG, FB, Twitter and Snap. The website is a sneaker site owned and operated by Jordan Brand. This allows the brand to tell its own story. With the upcoming domination of Nike of the sportsworld in Los Angeles with the NBA All Star Game is giving sneakerheads a Q&A they’ve been wanting for years; a discussion with Tinker Hatfield. This is the core of marketing. Tell the story and then deliver the product. The connection between why a product was created and why it is still relevant. It’s an amazing thing to witness from a marketing standpoint. doesn’t garner much traffic at all. The site gets less traffic than this network of websites. Traffic is right at about 140,000 visits per month. That’s a far cry from the 3 million visits a month on Solecollector and even less than the 400,000 visits here on the AHN. However this is the important aspect of Nike’s where this Tinker story is located:

Solecollector’s top referral is Complex and the top destination leaving Solecollector is to a sneaker messageboard. Although Complex shares a ton of posts about Nike none of their top referrals go to Nike. with it’s small footprint gets most of its referrals from and sends most of its traffic to It’s an internal search network that is powered by search.

Solecollector sends more traffic to StockX than it does Nike. Which brings me back to the main point of this post that footwear companies are relying heavily on blogs and others to carry their message to the masses. When it comes to converting a customer it’s much easier to convert people from inside of your platforms. You can read the article on the Air Jordan 3 by clicking here:

Source: Designed by Greatness for Greatness

You can be blown away by more stats by reading the following thoughts: gets about 86 Million visits a month. They don’t even need to run, but they do. I can barely find information on smaller brands. They spend all of their time on social. Social traffic to is 5.5%. Let that sink in.