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Dope S–t I Like: Adidas Reveals Ultra Boost Uncaged Using Parley Ocean Plastic

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The brand also unveiled soccer jerseys using the recovered marine plastic waste.

Source: Adidas Reveals Ultra Boost Uncaged Using Parley Ocean Plastic

While I’ve said that tech doesn’t sell shoes before, I didn’t mean that in the sense that tech is not important. What I was stating is that people have a preference and that very often tech is the last thing that pushes a buyer to purchase when they are buying a performance shoe. Consider a company like Newton that only features a lug pattern to promote forefoot striking. That isn’t a revolutionary tech idea, it’s thicker rubber components placed in the right position of the shoe to reinforce proper running motion. That’s biomechanics, not shoe tech. However, when a company develops a new cushioning system as adidas has done with BOOST, it most definitely is the strongest selling point of a shoe. This collaboration with Parley Ocean Plastic should be about the fact that the garbage patches in the Pacific Ocean are being reduced and turned into “wearable” tech.

I actually apologize for the plastic in the ocean on behalf of the US Navy. I lived on the USS Abraham Lincoln CVN-72 for almost two years and everyday we had garbage dump at the fantail where everyone walked to the back of the ship and threw bags of garbage in the undertow created by the carriers wake. I realize now that we contributed to the Earth’s issues at a greater number than I ever seen people discussing. This is a sneaker site though and this is not the place.

Click through and read more on the Parley x Adidas project. It’s definitely worth your time.