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Dope S–t I Like: Kith Atlanta Tracksuit Capsule for Men’s & Kids | Kith NYC

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This Friday, Kith releases two all-new silhouettes for both men and kids – the Atlanta Windbreaker and Atlanta Windpant. This full tracksuit channels a distinct 80s-90s inspiration from the patterned design to the vintage feel of the custom-milled fabric to the overall fit. These styles are offered in three color palettes – Red/White/Navy, Sand/Pink/White, and Navy/Blue/Baby Blue. Both the jacket and the pants are crafted using textured nylon and are lined with breathable mesh. The jackets feature two-way zipper closures and a heightened collar, while the bottoms feature zipper pockets and elasticated ankle cuffs. The lookbook is comprised of three

Source: Kith Atlanta Tracksuit Capsule for Men’s & Kids | Kith NYC

In my complete and utter fanboy-ism of Kith, I had to post these OG styled jumpsuits from my heyday. If anybody who knows me from high school can remember anything, I loved wearing my adidas jogging suits. This collection gives the same feel and style and in my head I’m screaming, “I can design this shit!” Out loud I’m saying, “But I didn’t so I might as well share the brand and store’s shit that I kind of aspire to become.”

That’s really the first time I’m saying this on the record. I should really become the Kith of the South with ARCH. Until then though, use the link to click through and check out the collection.

Dope as F–k