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From Big O to Big 0. #WhyNot | Higher Ground

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No matter what you think about Westbrook you have to admit this has been a season for the ages and one that won’t be broken for a very long time. The guy plays with a ridiculous amount of emotion and with the odds against him, he performed and led his team to a position no one thought they would attain, the NBA Playoffs.

A departed Kevin Durant, a roster of role players, the trade of a friend and teammate in Cam Payne, a second year coach, a completely restructured team and all this guy did was break a record by one of the all time greats.


Nice job Jordan Brand for celebrating this. Will it equate to an increased profile for Westbrook and an increase in JB loyalty? Probably not… but that doesn’t matter. What matters is accomplishing a goal no one thought was possible. That should get you fired up no matter who you are.