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Dope S–t I Like: White Mountaineering

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「White Mountaineering 公式サイト」〝服を着るフィールドは全てアウトドア〟デザイン、実用性、技術の3つの要素を一つの形にし市場には屈しない姿勢でのものづくり。

I’m basically the guy who will say what you’re thinking. White Mountaineering… okay who wants to buy White Mountaineering? Kind of exclusive to, um, White people? Not exactly, so get that out of your mind. White Mountaineering was founded in Japan by a designer who has collaborated with some of the dopest brands out. In 2006 Yosuke Aizawa began developing his own line and it continues today.

He tends to theme his fashion around a particular color palette each season. This season he is dropping apparel tied to navy called Naval Holiday. Once again in researching new brands I see in others what I would like to pull together for ARCH and there is space there since none of his apparel is released in the US. It might be that I can possibly open a store and carry the brand… possibilities. Check out the site. It is executed well in split screen format featuring Japanese and English. While I’d like a better look at the apparel, the pictures are clean and like me they are really focusing only a pair of shoes per season it seems.

Check out White Mountaineering and let me know what you think. The apparel is on point, the collab sneakers are dope, the patchwork… I gotta think about that one.