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Grassroots AAU Styled Tourney for Football?adidas Football Announces 7v7 Championship Series

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adidas Football Announces 7v7 Championship Series adidas today announced its inaugural 7v7 Football National Championship series. The 2017 invitational series will consist of East (Florida) and West (

Source: adidas Football Announces 7v7 Championship Series

Who knew this existed? Wait a minute, it’s inaugural, so it didn’t exist. I actually have a peer who is one of the top high school coaches in the country and I’ve never seen him post about AAU styled events for football, so I’m writing this simply so I can tag him in a post and ask him about it.

It’s actually very exciting to witness the launch of a new strategy in marketing. adidas Football US seems to just be picking up steam. Surprisingly, it’s new ground for sports brands as far as I’m concerned. Someone tell me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think there has ever been an AAU styled event where teams will actually travel and compete for 7 vs 7 games against other programs.

When I was a head high school basketball coach, I remember in San Diego that 7 vs 7 passing leagues were a pretty big deal. At the time our high school was producing some solid talent. It was nothing like Helix High or Lincoln High School in San Diego, but the players would be pumped up over the 7 vs 7 games in the spring. I never understood why. There weren’t pads and there wasn’t any contact, so I didn’t understand what players and coaches got out of scrimmages like that. After a while I realized that if a kid can run and catch, he can run and catch and 7 vs 7 was an excellent way to find cornerbacks and receivers.

This event by adidas continues what I see as the progression of grassroots marketing and falls in line with how the brand will remain relevant with the athletes, although performance footwear is down overall. Use the source link to read more about the tournament and event hosted by Coach Snoop… yep that Snoop.

Use the source link for the ton of information on the event.