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How Nike Is Combatting Adidas NMD/BOOST

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The Nike Presto Extreme above

Last year at this time the ZX Flux was continuing to push its way into the market and UltraBOOST was just a hype word and not many people were able to grab the shoes. The ZX Flux showed a trend shift, but the shoe that was shining was the Nike Huarache. The Retro release was dropping in a ton of colors and was reselling at prices that were crazy. Nike moved the retro price from 100.00 to 110 on GRs and to 120-130 for Premium versions. As 2015 came to a close though Nike was peaking in stocks, but Adidas was waking up and like I said, my sales on the ZX Flux from November 1st to December 31st 2015 were for an average price of 129.99 for a 90 dollar shoe. This doesn’t seem like much, but remember no one was flipping Flux shoes at this time. The Flux that was really hot was the previous years’ 2014 Rainbow Prism and Ocean Print. Below is a sample of resale on the ZX Flux at the end of 2015. While resale on the Prism and Ocean were really hot, when the resale price carried over into 2015 with solid color Flux, this was a warning shot and signaled a change on the horizon. 2015 didn’t see an extremely hot Flux. The red (Yeezy) Flux sold at around 139.99, but the Flux sold in every color at 119 to 139 in various colors. All over the 90 dollar price.

Adidas ZX Flux (Black Elements: Total Blackout) Black1/black1/chalk2 (10.5) 8 0.00% 16 0.00% 69% 2 25.00% $259.98 2

Nike at the same time in 2015 was completely crushing the running shoe scene and the average price for a Huarache was 179.99 for a 100 dollar shoe. Like I said though the Adidas Flux price in the cart above was the norm in 2015 and this showed the potential for Adidas. Nike didn’t develop any new tech or comfort systems. They relied heavily on the retro Huarache and rightfully so, it was an amazing shoe in 2015:

Nike Men’s Air Huarache Black/Black/White Running Shoe 10.5 Men US 457 0.01% 537 0.01% 53% 3 0.66% $529.34 3

Now the listings above are only a sample. If you want me to do a video to show you the shift from Nike to Adidas in runners just ask. The average price of sale for the ZX Flux was about 124.99. The spike for the ZX was in 2014 spring and summer and the Ocean was selling for around 179.99 a pair for a 90 dollar shoe. I can’t pull the stats for that since it goes past my two year window, but Adidas was growing. The Huarache was selling for 175.

So the difference in resale was expected and Nike was dominating in 2015, but Adidas was making serious waves. Then 2016 hit and UltraBOOST along with the NMD exploded. The Adidas runners currently control the resale market in runners with YZY doing better numbers in resale than Jordan. Nike runners have been taking a serious backseat. To the extent that I wrote this article:

Business Talk: Has the Nike Flyknit Racer Grown Old?

This wasn’t click bait either. It was a careful analysis of how a shoe that once garnered a healthy return on the resale market is now sitting in stores with what could have been one of the most coveted colorways released, the Triple Black Flyknit Racer. Nike realized this and has taken to dropping the Flyknit Racer in a bey of new colorways.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These shoes are selling out at retail which is a good thing. They don’t carry any resale value which is a first for the Flyknit and the complete opposite of the NMD and UltraBOOST.

Nike Lunarcharge

To continue the battle against the adidas runners Nike has also created a new shoe the Lunarcharge.  The Lunarcharge and the retro release of the Presto and the newest model the Presto Extreme are all targeted at the area where the NMD/BOOST/YZY is occupying to gain a share of the market. These new entries along with a host of Huarache all have one problem and that is it feels like we’ve seen them before. This is evident in the Roshe 2 failure. Nike is having a difficult time finding its footing in this current market. Nike still dominates the market and Adidas has to spend a lot to maintain, but it’s interesting to watch how Nike attempts to reestablish itself when Adidas is now capturing the resale market which is a lot more important than anyone wants to believe:

How NPD’s Matt Powell Could Be Wrong About Sneakerheads

Here are the recent numbers of sales on the NMD from my shop:

Adidas NMD_R1 (Wool Pack) 1,620 0.33% 2,014 0.32% 3% 12 0.74% $2,279.88 12

As always look at the bold numbers. I sold 12 pair of a particular color in the last few weeks. Note how much they sold for, an average price of 189.99 with 15.00 dollars shipping or 205.00. What’s important to notice here is that I was the cheapest price available. When I sold out the shoe spiked at around 250.00/pair. The Nike Huarache is now selling at retail. The Flyknit Racer isn’t selling in the resale market and the LunarCharge, is very limited in release.

Nike is battling Adidas and based on numbers at retail Nike is still king, but in the resale market Nike is losing. Does this matter though? Is it reason for concern?