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Insider Ties: ASICS Just Created a Venture Capital Firm

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Source: ASICS Corporate

The reason I decided to shift the focus of the website to sneaker related information is because of things like this. While no other sneaker site is covering this, Asics may have just dropped one of the biggest dimes to the athletics community in a while. Asics has decided to start a venture capital firm. I don’t know the particulars as to how to submit proposals, but if you’re an innovator, small business person or you have an idea that has been tested, but needs capital, this may be another option for you. I will check back up on this one.

ASICS Corporation (Headquarters: Kobe, Japan; President and CEO: Motoi OYAMA) announces the establishment of ASICS Ventures Corporation. The new wholly-owned subsidiary will be a corporate venture capital arm for ASICS globally, an investment company to accelerate business tie-ups with startup companies

Company overview

Company name:            ASICS Ventures Corporation
Location:                      Kobe, Chuo-ku, Minatojima Nakamachi
(ASICS Corporation Kobe headquarter)
Ownership:                 ASICS Corporation 100%
Date of establishment:  November 15, 2016
Investment budget:       JPY3 billion
Representative:          Hiroaki Kageyama
Operations:                  Capital investment in, and promoting business development with,
startup companies
Key areas of interest:    Sports & Health, Innovative technologies, and Sustainability