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Insider Ties: Kobe XI Elite ‘Mambacurial’ – Pricing Fail

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Source: Kobe XI Elite ‘Mambacurial’

Usually I simply post like everyone else that a shoe is dropping. This time I’m posting and saying right up front, the pricing on this release is a major fail. In the current market, shoe prices are trending down. (Except those shoes that are resell beasts: Yeezy, etc.)

The KD went from 180 with a poor design, to 150 with a much better design. The Air Jordan XXX dropped from 200 to 180 on the Jordan XXX1. The best selling LeBron is the Soldier which retails at 130. While Kobe is retired and his shoes are still selling, I think a 220 dollar pricepoint, even on a highly coveted shoe, will provide a bit of sticker shock. If I were to do a buy to Flip, I think this shoe would not be a shoe that would require people to buy it early or above retail.

A quick look at eBay on 9/3/2016 shows only a few listings early. One at 329 and the other at 269. Neither shoes has bids or watchers. I understand that the last shoe in the line where Kobe played has a story, but the pricing on this shoe is a fail. The look of the shoe is dope. I say if you really like this model, take your time and browse and find a similar style from the Kobe line at a discount to add to your collection. There are a lot of options here at way below retail.