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J Belzer Spent Yesterday Tweeting NFL 1st Round Draft Pick Salaries

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Here’s what No. 1 overall pick Myles Garrett and the rest of the top of this year’s class of rookies will be paid, based on the NFL’s salary cap and its Rookie Compensation Pool.

Source: 2017 NFL Draft 1st Round Rookie Salary Projections: What Garrett, Trubisky And Fournette Will Make

@JasonBelzer is the type of guy who in about ten years there will be a sports documentary or movie that shows the behind the scenes hustle of the sports industry and people will say he’s the real life Jerry McGuire.

If you’re not following dude on Twitter and you’re a sports fan, you should be following him.

Yesterday his timeline was like this for hours:

I don’t care who you are or what you do, it’s always fascinating to witness the creation of a new millionaire. This is part of what drives the interest in sports. We debate whether playing a game should have value and how teachers should be paid more. Ultimately, these salaries are amazing only in this first round. They begin to drop substantially as the draft moves forward, but for the moment when we first see the numbers we remember our moments of trying out for sports teams, our highlights and what we’ve accomplished or didn’t accomplish. We think about how we wish we could earn and then we either let it go or hold it against the guy that our team took.

It’s a strange process.

Anyway, Jason Belzer compiled his info from yesterday and created an article that you should read. This is one of the clearest, most informative articles on NFL Rookie Salaries you will read. Use the source link to check it out.