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Jordan x Michigan Football Still Amazes Me

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Jordan and the University of Michigan have combined their championship forces to usher in a new era of excellence for Wolverine athletics.

Source: Jordan Michigan Football.

While this isn’t exactly new news, it’s something that is rather amazing. When you consider Michael Jordan is known for basketball and that his entire brand is built around being the arguable Greatest of All Time to lace up a pair of hoops kicks, his brand, post basketball, has transcended his own mystique into a sport he has never acknowledged.

Everyone knows of MJ’s foray into baseball. Sneaker enthusiasts know of his entry into Motorsports, but Football? Jordan and Michigan Football? It would have seemed like a logical fit to nab North Carolina football (which recently happened to bring Jordan Brands sponsorship of football to two), but a logo of a man flying with a basketball was strong enough to transition into a completely different sport.

Okay I get that Jordan has sponsored tennis also and that the brand isn’t just a basketball only item, but isn’t something to marvel at from a marketing standpoint? Jordan Brand is one of the largest brands in footwear on the strength of a career that ended almost 20 years ago.

Amazing… I guess I’m basically in awe that a Jumpman logo is being placed onto Football gear; talk about cross promotion and legacy.