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KAWHI LEONARD – FLIGHT GUY aka Pride of the Aztecs

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Kawhi Leonard lets us in on his mental preparation behind the scenes of the Jordan Brand photo shoot the for the AJ31 ‘Flight Guy’.


Kawhi is the pride of the Aztecs. As an Aztec watching his success is like having a part of your story come to life for the world to see. San Diego State is a gigantic campus and I remember when I was preparing to walk on before I was injured, that you could literally walk around the entire campus and never run into the same person twice. You would think that a campus that big would not place you in a position of being isolated, but if you didn’t live in the dorms, SDSU could be a tough place. Luckily I had my crew who sat in Montezuma everyday and kicked it.

Kawhi represents the depth of the Aztec experience. Being at SDSU is fun at times, but you can move around campus and not be noticed at all. You can blend seamlessly into a large crowd on frat row, or sit in the Library in the archives and never see another person. You can be unassuming, but be the most outgoing person in the world.

This interview on  about the foundation of Kawhi’s basketball experience reminds me that his humble approach started early and then was reinforced as he entered SDSU. Use the source link to check out “The Flight Guy”, aka “The Pride of the Aztecs”.

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