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Kyrie & Questlove, LeBron 14, Curry 3 & JBL? on XMAS Means I Can’t Chill

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Nike Basketball’s latest short breaks down performance with a rhythm unique to Kyrie.

Source: Kyrie and Questlove Put the KYRIE 3 to Work in New “Improv” Film

So I’m trying to chill on Christmas and watch the games. I’m pissed at Melo for screwing up and I’m excited that the NES mini is actually kind of dope, but I didn’t have any plans at all today to do anything with the site. Although Christmas Day is always one of the coolest days for sneakers, my goal was to be completely family oriented, but Under Armour won’t let me be great and Nike won’t stop being great.

This is a day that brands should capitalize on. Adidas should have made some exciting ass uniforms since this is their last Christmas, but what did they do? Make some really shitty unis that are just plain boring. I was hoping for more, but Adidas hasn’t done anything great with basketball.

Under Armour played #Makethatold again. No new commercial for Curry or the Curry 3, but they dropped 3 freaking shoes without any content for the shoes! This just doesn’t make sense to me. I get excited because I see a Curry commercial start and it turns out to be a damn JBL commercial, and it’s good.

Nike on the other hand… Nike has freaking killed it today. They launched the Kyrie 3 and hit us with a surprise release via Twitter.

They dropped a killer video and the entire day I’m looking for the marketing position of both Adidas and Under Armour and nothing. This is what Nike did:

And then Nike did this:



So instead of chilling and enjoying the games I’m at my computer writing this article and complaining about marketing. I hope you guys are having a Merry Christmas. I am, but I’m hella irritated and excited at the same time so I’m changing this to Merry Kicksmas.