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MY AIR JORDAN 11s – RONNIE FIEG. | Marketing

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Retailer/designer Ronnie Fieg equates the ‘golden era’ of hip hop in NY with his favorite shoe of the time, the Air Jordan 11 (ART BY @STEPHEN_BLISS)


I’m sharing this not because of the dope as artwork by Stephen Bliss (which looks kind of like the artwork in the graphic novel for The Walking Dead), but because this reinforces my recent discussion on Kendrick Lamar wearing Nike Cortez in his “Humble” video.

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Fieg does collabs with many brands. All of those collabs typically pop on the resale market, but none more than the ASICS footwear he helps to create. With the success of his work with ASICS, it would seem that the brand would work extremely hard to make sure he isn’t really linked to any other sneaker companies, right?

Wrong. An influencer like Fieg has a brand. His brand is not tied into the sneaker companies who request his designs. His brand is tied into KITH which I’ve said once before could become a brand that grows into a disruption on the lifestyle market if Fieg ever decided to launch his own footwear brand.

Why KITH Could IPO

Fieg is different from Lamar in that Fieg has KITH being carried at major retail outlets like Bergdorf Goodman. He also has his own shops which is a premium account holder. It is interesting to see a guy so tied into one brand, be featured on other sites. I guess it shows the level of cool Fieg and KITH have reached. Take a second to read Fieg’s Air Jordan 11 story on