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Part 7: Moving From Ebay: Don’t Forget Your Refund

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I found a new pic

Okay in the last couple of updates I’ve told you about the Facebook Ad and the Google Ad as well as moving to While the traffic still hasn’t picked up on my website yet, I have found a new local spot to setup my market and I think it is going to go great. Recently the counterfeit/variant Nike Flea Market was busted here in Memphis. The market sold at least 50,000 in fake kicks each month. That is a low estimate. I used to setup at the same market and because I sold authentic shoes I could sell my shoes without hiding. I spoke with one of the guys who used to sell fakes and he told me on his best day he made 12,000 dollars! I know this is a little off topic, but 12,000? Dizzam.

Anyway, I am now the only legitimate seller of kicks at the market which has now moved across the street. When they busted the market they brought in Homeland Security, ICE, USPS investigators, SWAT and I think it was the biggest bust of knock offs in the US. Since people are still showing up, not in the same numbers, I think I will be selling a lot more kicks. Some people will be bothered by the higher prices, but I set up on Sunday and in 2 hours I made 385.00 dollars. Not bad at all. While the website is still taking some time to grow this will be a good trade off for my patience. Now back to the title of this post: Don’t forget your refund.

When ebay incorrectly closed my account I didn’t even think about checking the balance on my fees. I always paid my fees with they were the highest. Since I was selling so many shoes, I didn’t worry about it. I would pay through paypal and stay on top of it. What I didn’t realize 4 weeks ago when they decided to close the account was that I had paid so much into the fees I had several hundred dollars negative in the account. For the last four weeks ebay had my money and I didn’t know until they sent out the monthly billing and I noticed that my account was in the negative. If you have closed your account on ebay, don’t forget to check your balance and get your refund. More updates on moving from ebay to come. I appreciate those of you who have sent messages and supported ARCH through this transition.