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The YEEZY POWERPHASE Might As Well Be Big Baller Brand

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Source: KANYE WEST and adidas announce the YEEZY POWERPHASE

Alright, I wrote a few weeks ago that Big Baller Brand was trolling us. I was obviously wrong and it’s apparent that Lavar Ball is dead serious in his approach to launching BBB. I made a statement that I wouldn’t write anything else about BBB, but here I am writing another title mentioning the brand.

It’s basically the same as Yeezy kicks. I don’t write a lot about them because

  1. I’ve never been able to buy a pair… even with all of my connections.
  2. The 350 and 750 are dope and took some creativity to bring to life. They also sell very well and make for great conversation, but I don’t write about them because it’s a forgone conclusion that you will be able to flip the shoes if you do get them.
  3. I don’t have the energy or interest to talk about which bots work in buying the kicks.

I just don’t write a lot about them. Tayib, Housakicks, does real vs fake to help people check for authenticity, but a lot of posts about colors and styles releasing… we just don’t do it. I don’t in particular.

This time though, the second restock and launch of the Powerphase kind of irks me. These shits are ugly. The kicks didn’t get play when I was younger. The only people rocking these were our gym teachers and coaches. Dope boys were rocking Fila and Jordan. I was rocking Top Ten adidas, but this is a damn Reebok. Jane Fonda was rocking Reebok. Nerds were beating off to workout tapes of women wearing leotards, and I don’t care if I’m talking about the Reebok Freestyle, if you like these then that’s on you.

Personally, it feels like Kanye and adidas is trolling us. I feel about this the way I felt about Pablo and most of Yeezus. This just doesn’t feel like it took any effort. The idea that the shoe is reselling for 800-1400 dollars is a joke.

I defend Kanye often in my discussion on the importance of marketing and branding, but this time, I can’t do it. In my worst English, “These shits is wack.”