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Under Armour Performance Sleep System TB12 

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Source: TB12 | US

When Under Armour said they were doubling down on tech, they really meant doubling down. The TB12 is a sleep system integrating tech, sportswear and research in improving an athlete’s sleep patterns. The program is currently being marketed using Misty Copeland and Tom Brady and features a set of UA branded performance sleepwear teamed with an app that can be used to monitor and help shape sleep patterns. To read more click the source link.

Those of you waiting for me to say something mean about this, I have no comment that pertains to the sleep study because as a former coach I always told my players that they would perform better if they slept better. In other words, they had to put in so much work at practice that when they got in the bed, they would fall right to sleep. I like the idea of the program. I don’t have anything mean to say. I only have a criticism that it’s very hard to sleep with any wrist wear or any accessories on. People also tend to sleep in their underwear and aren’t interested in purchasing 80 dollar pajama shorts, or 100 dollar long sleeve pajama shirts. I get that athletes demand performance, but…

Check out the source link and prove me wrong.