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Air Jordan 4 Retro Premium ‘Navy/White’ – Should You Buy To Flip?

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Source: Air Jordan 4 Retro Premium ‘Navy/White’ – Release Date.

The Air Jordan 4 has always been a classic that everyone admires. In every color way from the BRED to the Green Glow and Fear Pack, the Retro 4 drops and sells out. In recent releases though there have been shoes that actually sat and aren’t really selling at a higher price. The Dunk From Above 4 is an example of this.

This premium pair however will be a very limited release, which typically means that it will sell out and be hard to find right? I guess the better question is should you buy to flip?

First check: I hit Flight Club first. Today is 9/11/2016. FC has the shoe up early at 750. Automatically this shoe has attained a 60% sales bump early on FC which is a real sign that it will be a limited release. More important, there are Premium versions that are only reselling at 500 which is basically retail. My FC scorecard for this shoe is easily a +3. 750, even if you purchase at retail is still about 40% ROI. I should note that FC only has 5 sizes available which definitely means this is a limited release.

This is a new thing I’m adding to give a shoe a rating for resell. Since I do 3 checks before my decision I will weight them on a scale of 1-9. The max points on a scale = +3

Rating = +3

Second check: I then go to eBay and use the Sold Listings feature to check what early pairs are selling for. Right now the first few pairs that have sold over the last couple of days have an average price of 570. This is a red flag and is primarily the reason the market no longer holds steady on hyped releases. It is also the reason a lot of people hoping to jump into reselling get burned. The eBay price is almost 200 dollars less than FC. Even with my normal adjustment, this is shocking. BUTTTTT I have to say this, most of the time when the shoe is selling this early on eBay the shoe is either stolen, or fake hence the price drop. This early price though hurts my rating for this section and I give it a +1

Rating = +1

Third check: I usually peep the Twitter feed, or check with my sources about how many pair are being released. This time I’m doing a gut check and I’m hardly ever wrong about a gut check. This shoe is Nike taking a shot at Don C and basically using his style on a Premium release. The quilted pattern is almost a direct reflection of the Don C . The Don C Retro 2s sell for 1000+ and this blue is a much better looking blue than it is on that collab. While the Navy and gold on the Dunk From Above was a flop, just this subtle tweak on the Premium is worth an additional 400 dollars above retail. In other words, I’ve been wrong but this shoe feels like it will be selling in the 800-1000 price point once everyone realizes that is is just as hard to attain.

Rating = +3

Should you buy to flip?

My total on a scale of 9 is a +7. That’s an above average price. The shoe won’t drop in value and will probably increase. Personally I wouldn’t buy to flip. The ROI on a 400 dollar shoe, plus tax is comparable to me selling two pair of GR shoes from any brand.  If you are into making a statement on the resell market, go ahead and stand on line, you won’t lose your money.