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DIADORA x PATTA S.8000 & 90s TRACKSUIT / Meanwhile in Amsterdam Patta Does Retro

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Source: DIADORA x PATTA S.8000 & 90s TRACKSUIT / Patta

While in America the retro style is clearly influenced by pop stars like Rihanna and Kanye, in Amsterdam the influence is where it truly lies, Hip-Hop. I have to repeat at least thirty times when I talk that in the early 90s dudes were rocking Diadora and ellesse equally as much as Nike and adidas. The vivid colors and style led to infringing by Tommy and Polo who eventually pushed even popular labels like FUBU, Cross Colors and Kani to the outskirts.

The ability for bigger companies to impose their will via influencers in the US has always been an issue in street culture and the appropriation of Black culture and style remains an issue. Where the culture is really respected though is abroad which seems strange, but is telling.

Hip-Hop and the elements of Hip-Hop are still celebrated abroad, while in the U.S. we are force-fed mumble rap and generic pop stars through a constant stream of sounds and television. Enough of that though, this classic warm-up set from Patta is perfect in every way. At the core it’s golden era Hip-Hop and fashion that reminds me of the time when rocking a tennis outfit could be just as dope as rocking a pair of Timbs in the summer. Diversity is always stylish.