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Dope S–t I Like: Sneakfest Memphis

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Alright, people know I don’t ever like the term “sneakerhead” because it implies that what I do is easy enough for anybody to jump in as long as they love sneakers. The reality is this sneaker thing is a beast and a billion dollar industry should have a a term that represents what we love about the footwear industry. Like those who drink fine wine, we are connoisseurs, sneaker connoisseurs. That’s better!

With that out of the way, two of the guys who are deep into the sneaker culture in Memphis (I’m sure it’s more than these two, but these are the guys I know) are putting on another dope event for the region. Jerry and Sherman

Sneakerfest Expo. They started small and now they have moved on to a much bigger and better venue: The Agricenter Memphis.

Take a visit to the website, lock the date in your phone, and be there. If you’ve missed out on Yeezy’s and Jordan Brand kicks, and if you have kicks you want to buy, sell or trade, this will be a great place to get it done. Here is the info!

Sneakfest  Expo

Twitter: @SneakFestExpo

Instagram: Sneakfest


Facebook Event: