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ESPN’s Outside the Lines: Jimmer Fredette, the Lonely Master

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Jimo Dashen, the lonely god, was too uncomfortable for Jimmer Fredette. He didn’t want to be called a god, but he has become beloved in the CBA the second highest paying basketball league in the world. When Jimmer was drafted 10th in the NBA Draft critics said he was too small, too slow, couldn’t play defense, all things said about Steph Curry when he was drafted. The difference? Steph was drafted into a Warriors organization that was turning the corner and attempting to get better. The Kings have literally killed careers over the last ten years. The organization is akin to the Cleveland Browns.

Jimmer was let go and bounced around before exiting the NBA after 5 years. The league has now become a scorer’s league. It’s all about exciting offense and Jimmer should be welcomed back. Instead he has become the face of the Shanghai Sharks and with Yao Ming as the league President Jimmer is being asked to take the CBA to another level to rival the NBA in popularity.

Jimmer was a victim of his own talent. He was such a great college player that he was literally labeled as the next white guy who couldn’t compete. Coaches treated him like Adam Morrison instead of finding a way to capitalize on his best year where he dropped 7ppg and showed flashes of what could be. The league isn’t patient though and we never got to witness if he could really lead a team.

At 12:00 minutes into this video however his explosiveness is featured. The BYU Jimmer was on display. He dropped 73 points in a game. The question now is should he attempt to make it back to the NBA? He will earn more money and will gain more accolades in the CBA. It’s a good question. If you have 15 minutes, check out this short Outside The Lines episode. It’s intriguing.