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Insider Ties: A Closer Look at the Ronnie Fieg x A Bathing Ape Bapesta | Kith NYC

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Following Kith’s first fashion show, the New York lifestyle brand releases its latest collaboration, this time with Japanese streetwear pioneer A Bathing Ape. The centerpiece of this collection is a duo of two very special Bapestas, both of which have received a completely new execution thanks to Kith-founder Ronnie Fieg. For the first time in history, Fieg has created two Bapestas that have been handcrafted in Portugal. These two models include a triple white tumbled leather rendition and a sand-colored suede option, and feature exquisitely premium materials sourced from Italy. Asymmetrical co-branding can be seen on the heel tabs and leather

Source: A Closer Look at the Ronnie Fieg x A Bathing Ape Bapesta | Kith NYC

My apparent admiration of Ronnie Fieg and Kith is only diminished when I see a collaboration with a company that, although I know the history and I know that often sneaker companies share the same silhouette, has always seemed like it exists as the epitome of biting and appropriation. A Bathing Ape, always and still does feel like a big inside joke to me. The idea that a brand born of the admiration of Nike and Hip-Hop actually earned a pass by recreating the classic Uptown and people accepted it, in my head led to the dominance of mumble rap and the dumbing down of the culture.

So excuse me if I can’t praise this collab when I see on a daily basis how people diss the multitude of new brands on the market attempting to gain market share. I don’t really have a lot to share on this one. I can’t even place it in a category for the site. I guess I wanted to express my frustration on the page and see if anyone agrees with me. If I want a pair of premium Air Force 1s, I would simply buy a premium pair of Air Force 1s, but I guess the same goes for if I want a pair of Yeezys, I’d simply buy a pair of the first Y-3 designs and throw away any Roshe or NMDs away. Opinions are definitely just like assholes.

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