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Insider Ties: Talking sneakers with i-D

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Source: Talking sneakers with i-D

One of the great things about running your own shoe company is the ability to create these posts that discuss other brands while still being able to focus on your brand. I think a lot of people have the thought process that shedding light on other brands or giving someone else the spotlight removes the interest from you, so they don’t talk about other brands.

I mean if you look at Nike or Adidas you will never see anything about those brands on each other’s websites. ARCH is not Nike or Adidas though… I’m the brand, and the brand is me and I was inspired by other brands so these other brands are a part of my DNA.

When I find a story that’s worth sharing I’m taking the time to share it. If you clicked through to look at the title, you may have thought this was going to be about producer No ID. It isn’t. This is a sneaker topic and i-D is the guy who started Filling Pieces. Click the source link to check out a dope interview with a brand you may not have heard of.