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MVP: Why Not? | Why It Doesn’t Help Jordan Brand or Nike Basketball

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Jordan Brand celebrates Russell Westbrook’s historic MVP season.

Source: Nike News – MVP: Why Not?

Let me be the first to say this is not a post bashing Westbrook. If you’re looking for that go elsewhere. Russell is the type of player I would have loved to coach. He works harder than anyone on the floor and has the type of passion for the game that inspires others to work just as hard. His greatness is not in question and the pack that Nike has created is a great commemorative example of how Nike stands with its athletes and celebrates every aspect of their lives as an example of how sport is important to living.

The 31 – 10- 10 pack,a pair of Jordan XXX1, and two colors of the Air Jordan 10 to represent the triple double is a dope collection and definitely will inspire collectors to be a part of the historic sports occasion.

Unfortunately, it will do very little to reignite a passion in the people who matter the most to Nike, kids and young adults who rock kicks. While Nike celebrates athletes like no other company, they ultimately want to sell footwear and this pack although it’s dope won’t change the fact that Jordan Brand and Nike Basketball have not been performing very well.

Russell should be celebrated and he will be the subject of debate because of his award acceptance speech and the fact that his teammate left him this season. He will be analyzed because other players may have been equally as valuable this season. He will be looked at because while he needed to be a do everything player for the Thunder, at times it seemed to be detrimental. All of those things will be discussed. What won’t be discussed is why this Pack and Jordan Brand and Nike Basketball are in trouble.

Look at the presentation of this moment by Nike. It’s the epitome of all that is currently wrong with Jordan Brand and Nike. It’s overdone. It’s polished. It’s perfect. It’s Nike and that’s the problem.

At the beginning of the NBA season I brought my own passion for basketball to a discussion on how all of the storylines in the NBA could help generate interest in basketball footwear and basketball again.

Will Nike Basketball Improve in 2017?

What I failed to realize is what was right in front of me. My son knows I played college ball. He knows I ran a big time basketball website. He knows I was a head coach, but with all of that information he isn’t remotely interested in basketball or the NBA. My son represents the majority of kids out there who have thrown their hat into American Ninja Warrior, Minecraft and UFC/Crossfit or Parkour.

My heros were Dr. J and Patrick Ewing. My son’s heros are Jimmy Hendrix and the kid who helps him with his mods on Minecraft… oh and his UFC coach. As the season ended this year I came to realize why I was wrong about the recovery of performance footwear and I wrote this:

Debate This | Nike, KD & Why This Won’t Boost Sales But Is Still Smart 

I officially stand by this statement, Nike Basketball and now Jordan Brand will continue to suffer in sales because Nike has always been perfect. Unfortunately in today’s society some of the best film footage and tv shows are shot on shaky handheld cameras and cell phones. The images are gritty and unpolished. There is a feeling that anyone can be great and anyone can create. You don’t need to see a slow mo of an athlete in motion. You need to see the gritty realism of individuality and creativity. adidas gets this. Nike can’t and they won’t because it isn’t the Nike way.

Congrats Russ! You deserve the MVP and I respect this. My son doesn’t even care.