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Should You Buy To Flip? Nike Flyknit Racer “Midnight”

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The triple-black Nike Flyknit Racer is available in the “Midnight” colorway on November 30 on and at select retailers.

Source: Nike News – Shoe Stream

Nike is making several attempts at disrupting the fast growth of adidas. In my mind this means that Under Armour should be releasing content and making a push under the radar, but hey what do I know. The traditional Jordan Brand releases aren’t garnering the same fervor from the masses and the market is still all about retro and running silhouettes from adidas. In the last year Nike has been very slow about dropping the one shoe that could have interrupted the fast growth from adidas with the NMD, the Flyknit Racer. I wrote this about the shoe

Business Talk: Has the Nike Flyknit Racer Grown Old?

My question was in regard to the resale market in general, but also in the lack of releases of the shoe. Nike also failed to update the runner with different materials. I can understand why, but I think a wool Racer, or Gortex or waterproof Racer would have been welcomed. I didn’t want a mid or anything silly, just a Racer that could be worn or would allow for a drop in price. An Engineered Mesh Racer at a 120 pricepoint would have completely disrupted the NMD… but that hasn’t happened. The question should you buy to flip on this upcoming Midnight Racer is valid and will be a tough one to gauge. Let’s get to it.

Since I do 3 checks before my decision I will weight them on a scale of 1-9. The max points on a scale = +3

*** New addition to the rating system: 0-25% = +1    26-55% = +2     56% and up is +3

First check: The Flight Club Check is on deck. FC does not have the Midnight. When the shoe does not show up on FC I look at the other styles and the Flyknit Racer has decreased in value in the resale market. Almost every colorway with the exception of the limited release models is at retail on FC. There has never been an all black version of the Racer so this should be a positive, right? The timing may be off right now. In the running silhouettes being dropped by adidas, there are Wool, Bedwin is Canvas, Bape is made of a printed PU upper, these additions are easier to wear in the upcoming weather. The Flyknit Racer may be all black, but will there be a resale market just because of that? Yes. When the Huarache Triple Black dropped it sold at 200-250 per pair. Although the Flyknit is not a weather ready kick, that triple black is going to be a winner. Without a FC breakdown I’m projecting that when it does hit FC it will go for around 250.00 per pair. This means that in the general market the shoe will garner 200.00. That’s not a great return on your dollar and I’m hesitant to do this, but the shoe will sell out, but not be a big gain in the resale market. Price breakdown to see ROI:

Retail: 150.00 + tax = 160.00

Fees: 13% at a generous 250.00 sold price = 32.50

Shipping Fees = 15.00

Total cost of the shoe (If you don’t get a discount) = 207.50

I’m going to say that the shoe will hold steady at 250. That means a 42.50 profit. Which is a 20% ROI. While I think you can only get 200 and I went with the high of 250, the Midnight is in dark days at a

Rating = +1

Second check: My second check is always on eBay. This time around there is only one pre-order up and no sold listings on the Midnight. The Blackout version is available and has sold listings of 250 and 270 but every sold shoe is over 3 weeks old. Without a bar from eBay to establish my baseline I have to look at the amount of Racers sold and the Blackout which is at 250, but not many are available and I still end up with the same ROI as the FC Check.

Rating = +1

Third check: My third check is now a combination of Twitter hype, launch locators and StockX. StockX doesn’t have the shoe listed under Midnight, it’s under Triple Black. There aren’t any bids or listings right now. Footlocker and Footaction don’t have the shoes on release locator and the Twitter talk is simply the sharing of info about the shoes. It is obvious that this release from Nike was a decision made in response to adidas, or just a late arrival. Either way, this shoe is not looking like it is going to be as solid as previous “big” Flyknit Racers. When I wrote that article up there, I knew the shift was strong, but this may be an indication of the resale market being usurped by balance and for collectors that’s a good thing.

Rating = +1

My final ruling: +3 which is below average. This is the outcome of a diverse sneaker market. When you have more than one brand creating dope sneakers the market adjusts and the buyer benefits. Maybe it’s time for more adidas Should You Buy To Flip? Maybe I should divulge what my shop is selling more of? Hmmmmm.