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size? Delivers a Detailed Look Into Puma’s Archives

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One of the benefits of admiring sneaker culture is that my site carries very little bias towards any brand. This week I’ve written several stories about how Puma is finally beginning to account for its lack of emphasis on Men’s footwear. Since I spent the time creating those posts, it’s only natural that I finish the week with an homage to Puma.

I discovered the source link via size?. If you really love kicks and the history of brands, it’s definitely worth your time to visit the site and check out the collection of photos from their invite to Puma. I have to step my game up and get these type of invites. Maybe if I stop being overly critical… nahhhh

What type of site would this be if I didn’t deliver real analysis of the positives and negatives associated with the brands?  Anyway, the photos and videos are dope and definitely worth your time.