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Who Made adidas Hot Again? Kanye, BOOST, Run DMC and Retro? | via GQ 

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Adidas’s senior VP of global brand strategy breaks down why the brand with the three stripes is the hottest sneaker brand on the planet right now.

Source: Adidas Tells Us How It Plans to Catch Nike | GQ

I’ve written several articles explaining why sneakerheads think Kanye is the key to adidas success. I’ve written articles explaining why Matt Powell, the sportswear analyst at NPD Group is right about Kanye not being as influential based on numbers.

Sneakerheads can only rely on sneaker sites and what they believe in regard to Yeezy. Powell relies on data and what he understands about the industry and why non-commercial releases aren’t critical to brand success. It’s a never ending battle that literally made me unfollow notifications from Powell on Twitter because the dialogue was so redundant.

This is the thing, once you begin to look at the big picture, there are articles out there explaining the importance of Kanye and what really shifted the momentum for adidas. This article on GQ is an interview with Arthur Hoeld the senior VP of global brand strategy.

Go Read IT! (I put that in caps because people tend to just like stuff instead of reading.)

If you’re too lazy to read here is a very short summation. Yeezy is a factor, but everything is a factor. Vague enough? That’s because you need to read it and I think this will give sneakerheads a source to fall back on and it will confirm that Powell is right in standing with his numbers. adidas is more than just the Stan Smith and Superstar, or Yeezy and BOOST, adidas has been at every major sporting event in history (okay a bit of hyperbole), but think about it. Jesse Owens… adidas was there. The first woman to run the Boston Marathon… adidas was there. Kareem’s skyhook… backed by adidas. Hip-Hop… adidas was there (and so was Pro Keds and Puma, but you get the picture).

Go up there and click that source link.