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WWYWT?: What Was Your Workout Today?

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Since I redesigned the website I erased a lot of information on the update of the CG097II running shoe. I will try to update as much as I can here. I took about 9 days off from running to concentrate on the business since the big collapse from ebay and the market. Read about that below. Big mistake in regard to my conditioning. I was getting my mile back to under 10 minutes and moved back to 2-3 miles per day. Today, just to get the feel back I ran a short distance, but I used long strides.

Distance: 1.1 Miles on the sidewalk with one medium sized hill. 

Temperature: 90 degrees, heat index 95.

Notes: I am still working on my forefoot strike form to reduce injuries, knee and hip pain, and it is working. My calf muscles are burning and it feels like my achilles is straining some, but there isn’t any pain at all, just tightness. I was able to complete the mile without resorting to using my whole foot when I felt slightly tired.

Shoe Notes: I have had the sample for over a month now and Ian and I have redesigned the shoe. We lowered the collar around the ankle which is the biggest change. Ian suggested an increase in the size of the logo and an added heel pull tab. I wish I could go ahead and make another sample and do the order, but finances have slowed the project down considerably. Which is perfect since the side panels on the shoe were made for Fall running and wear. Back to the shoe. The foam is beginning to compress, which place the foot closer to the ground when running. This isn’t a bad thing. I can feel the ground and I am responding a lot better and not resting my feet between each footstrike. I am staying on the balls and midfoot where the rubber is on the shoe. I have been using the outside of the my foot some and the foam is shredding some, but the shoe is still very responsive. It is still an 8 out of 10. I need to decide on the shoe insert. The thicker foam insert slips some although it does provide additional cushioning, heavier runners may feel some problems with stability.

Soundtrack: Mos Def “Roses” from The Ecstatic 3:42 seconds, Fashawn “Intro” from Boy Meets World 2:17, DJ Quik feat. AMG “Trouble” from the Best of DJ Quik 3:39, Mos Def “Ghetto Rock” from The New Danger 2:00 minutes. Total time 11:00

Overall: Not a very good time, but that’s my fault for taking all of that time off. Anyway, What Was Your Workout Today?

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