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Insider Ties: New Balance x Timbuk2

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Source: Timbuk2xNewBalance

I recently got into cycling. My knees were starting to give me a lot of problems so running was getting tougher and I don’t hoop like I used to. My wife bought this crazy bike, the right kind of bike and although it’s not my size, I ride it because I was a runner and I used to run with the family while they rode. I also felt that biking didn’t get me back in shape the way running did. I was wrong. Biking has actually added that extra thing I needed to repair my body. My knees are feeling better and my thighs and glutes are getting stronger.

Anyway, Timbuk2 is a dope bag company based in San Francisco, home of the bicycle… kind of like New York is home of the bicycle, you get the picture. The link above is to a collab by New Balance and Timbuk2.

If those prices are too steep on that backpack, then hit the link below to grab both a pair of the New Balance Fresh Foam and a pack by Timbuk2. You’re welcome.