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Lululemon and Under Armour Fight For The Boobies | Baltimore Sun

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The battle for a better bra is heading to court. (pic via Baltimore Sun)

Source: Lululemon sues Under Armour over $52 bra – Baltimore Sun

After launching what I think is one of the best campaigns from UA in the last few years, the brand gets hit for infringement over it’s sport bra.

Lululemon, the upstart “yoga” pants company that has completely disrupted women’s athletic apparel and forced every major brand to deliver better garments for women athletes, is taking page from Nike and suing Under Armour.

One look at the picture above and it’s clear that UA pulled a Humpty Hump and “bit” the complete design of the Lululemon bra. It’s interesting that a lawsuit would be brought up since there are so many overlapping designs in sportswear that it would seem frivolous and a waste of energy to spend the time and effort on fighting for a “bra”. As the Baltimore Sun reports however, Lululemon sees this sports bra as having a longer shelf life than traditional sportswear which typically only lasts one season. Use the source link to read more. If you want to grab a Lululemon sportsbra here is a link. If you want to grab a UA sportsbra get your comparison on.

Once you compare, you can see why the smaller Lululemon is suing. UA is seriously undercutting their market at least on Amazon, but that’s another story.