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Stadium Goods Continues to Push The Concept of “Sneaker Reselling” | Sneaker Investments

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Stadium Goods, a sneaker and streetwear retailer, will operate a shop within Nordstrom’s men’s store in New York, which opens in April.

Source: Stadium Goods to Open Concept Space Inside Nordstrom

A few weeks ago I shared information on SG’s investment by Louis Vuitton. The luxury goods company saw Stadium Goods’ e-commerce growth compelling enough to add them to the portfolio. This occurred because Stadium Goods initially received a 4.6 Million dollar investment from a Mark Cuban.

Stadium Goods raises $4.6m with Mark Cuban – That’s Two NBA Owners Invested in Sneakerhead Resale

I started a video series called from Sneakerhead to Boss on YouTube because of what I went through in the last fourteen years in the footwear business. As a sneakerhead and advocate of sneaker culture I realized a few years back the value in the experience I gained reselling kicks. The information I could share on the market held a micro to macro comparison to the sneaker industry that was often right on point when I analyzed the data. Once I realized the value of my information I began compiling articles on sneaker resell and sneaker media companies. The result was amazing. Stadium Goods wasn’t the only “sneakerhead” company garnering investments. The list was extensive. In the following article I discussed several of these investments.

StockX Just Added More Investors To Their Team

Stadium Goods however is taking it to the next level. After Mark Cuban and Louis Vuitton they have done the logical step and progression of moving towards brick and mortar without taking on the expense of leasing. The brand is aligning itself with Nordstroms. This is an incredible thing to consider when you realize that SG started as a resale shop. This means they never had an account with the major brands. They worked primarily in consignment and by copping kicks themselves. If you don’t understand how incredible this is, stop and go back through all of the articles I’ve written about blogs and sneaker resellers opening up shops or gaining investors.

Now, granted this is only a one shot deal with a new concept that Nordstrom’s is working on, but it’s still a pretty amazing thing for a sneaker reseller to make such amazing strides, million dollar strides.

Source: Stadium Goods to Open Concept Space Inside Nordstrom