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Designer Mike Kirtley talks about YORK’s overall design aesthetic and this season’s premium yet functional upgrades


When a brand gets it right, someone, anybody should be excited. Specifically when the brand isn’t a mainstream drop that a million people will be wearing. York has been making quality products for a while and this new edition of the Henry will make most sneakerheads say something like “That looks like the James Harden Volume 1”.

Well here is a bit of advice, it’s hard as f–k to continuously come up with color blocking that hasn’t been seen somewhere else. What you have to do is to put your spin on it and add something fresh to the mix. Designer Mike Kirtley did a great job crafting a stylish, performance shoe.

You might not put these on and be able to throw punches for longer than 3 minutes, but when you’re tired you’ll still be fresh. Check out the pics below.