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WWYWT? 2.5 miles of Brian McKnight?

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I’m actually just kidding about the Brian McKnight thing, but for some reason I can’t stop laughing at the absurdity of Brian McKnight’s latest Youtube vid… especially since one of my friends from high school brought it up this morning. Dude is on one for real! On to today’s run: Let me show you how your legs work on a 2.5 mile run when you are a big guy. Once again I was in pursuit of my son and his neverending goal of riding standing up. Watching him makes me forget I’m jogging because for the life of me I can’t remember having to learn how to ride a bike standing up. I just remember getting on the bike and automatically jumping hills and curbs.

Temperature: 82 degrees. It’s warm out but there was a small breeze which was great when I was running with the wind, but not so good when I was running against it.

Terrain: The suburban concrete jungle (with weeds, bugs and the non stop supply of lawn dudes chopping the grass.

Distance: According to Google Maps it was 2.5 miles.

Time: 25 minutes I have to stop  answering the phone during runs, but like Jon Coffee “I can’t hep it.”

Soundtrack: Talib Kweli on Pandora. I can definitely listen to the Talib station. Talk about classic material again and again! Rakim, Talib and the most memorable song during the run was Scarface: My Block. People forget how much of lyricist Scarface is. Most motivational track Dead Prez: Way of Life. The video below is not the actual video but it is a perfect representation of the song.

What was your workout today? Leave comments in the bottom if you want.

Stay motivated.

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