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The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 Needs Theme Music by ATCQ

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The men’s Adrenaline GTS 18 support running shoe provides the perfect balance of soft cushion and support. Free shipping and returns at

Source: Brooks Running

The NYC Marathon is fast approaching and although New Balance is the sponsor, Brooks just made a shoe that may not be a crossover hit for lifestyle, but is definitely the most New York ready shoe being dropped to celebrate the upcoming classic. The Adrenaline GTS 18 is being dropped in an all boroughs format. If a graf artist was looking at this shoe the immediate response would be All City (the term for when your art travels through all of the areas via train or if you’ve painted in every area). The GTS features all of the traits that make it a great neutral trainer.

Adrenaline GTS 18

But it’s this colorway that makes me want to hear Award Tour by ATCQ. How perfect would it be for the brand to actually align with A Tribe Called Quest for a quick video of the shoe hitting all city? Not to mention the colorway perfectly reflects the Midnight Marauder theme. The Red, Black and Green is stylish and more important in the inside panel we also get a Wu-Tang reference in Staten Island!

Adrenaline GTS 18

This might be the most quintessential NYC shoe ever made. There are a few more pictures on the Brooks website. If the outsole here was a traditional retro Beast style, maybe, just maybe this could be a shoe that makes some noise outside of performance right? If not at least we can listen to some Tribe and get ready to run.